A brief story about a dear family friend that took a leap to serve his community

My friend Christopher Grove ran for public office in my hometown

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything substantive about the 2020 election results on my social media, I’ve been pretty hunkered down.

I was so caught up in finishing strong volunteering for various candidates I support, that I haven’t really had time to process a lot of the news that’s been flowing nonstop.

Taking a moment to reflect on what I was doing during my last ten birthdays, and a novel request for helping me celebrate my 30th rotation around the sun.

Yours truly is almost 30 years old

One week from today I will turn 30. I don’t exactly know what to expect, or how to feel. In this moment, it’s hard to find the time to step back and think about where you’ve been, what mistakes you’ve made along the way, and where you’re going next. I tried last night for several hours into the early morning to go back, through my records, my photos, my notes, and take stock of the moments of my life as I passed from year to year over the last decade. …

Today there is an ordinance up at the Board of Supervisors that would make an appreciable difference in the approval and construction of badly needed 100% below-market-rate housing. Yet, this proposal is not getting nearly the attention it deserves.

Low-income affordable housing is very hard to finance and build. Non-profit developers like TNDC, CCDC, MEDA, Mission Housing, BRIDGE Housing, and Mercy Housing all have to cobble together different funding sources, from federal ones, like LIHTC (low-income housing tax credits) and the HOME program, to local and state sources of funds. Almost all of these sources generally have timing considerations. …

Tonight, while I was attending a community meeting hosted by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to remove acting Mayor London Breed and replace her with Interim Mayor Mark Farrell.

Shortly thereafter, I made up my mind about who I would be supporting for San Francisco Mayor in both June 2018 and hopefully November 2019

I was actually sorta undecided before today

I then immediately went to the web portal to go volunteer for now Supervisor Breed’s campaign for Mayor. At the bottom, there’s a field that asks this question:

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know I’ve made no secret about the fact I’m supporting Marjan Philhour for Richmond District Supervisor. Over the past year and a half as I volunteered for her and got to better learn how she would approach problems in my neighborhood, I’ve been impressed by her approach and thoughtful writings on housing, homelessness, supporting small businesses, public safety, and more. I’ve seen her connect with my neighbors, friends, and co-workers on a personal level, understanding their needs and doing everything in her power to help them. …

It’s fitting that a podcast that made me cry brought me to finally begin using Medium to blog my thoughts, since I don’t think I could harass my Facebook friends with this long of a post any further.

George Wallace circa 1963 would be proud if he could see what we have wrought in this country.

Over the last week I’ve been thinking for a long while about the state of our country. While our politics have everything to do with why this country is broken in many ways, they are not the subject of this long winded post I sat down to write last night.

No, the reason I’m bringing segregation up today is because I have…

Bobak Esfandiari

Obsessed with politics. In my spare time I organize with my neighbors to Grow The Richmond: https://growtherichmond.com/

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